Comprehensive Legal Representation in Sturgeon County

For decades, individuals, families and businesses in Morinville and the surrounding area have trusted the team from Putnam & Lawson for a wide range of legal services. Our team utilizes years of experience and is committed to the well being and complete satisfaction of our clients.
We welcome the opportunity to assist you with a range of legal challenges, including real estate law, wills and estates, family law and mediation, corporate law, personal injury law, litigation, notary public and commissioner for oaths services, and more.

Real Estate Law

For residential and commercial sales, purchases and mortgages, rural land transactions, subdivision approval, refinancing, private contracts, and more, Putnam & Lawson delivers qualified legal counsel. You can rely on Putnam & Lawson for answers to all your real estate questions.
Gordon D. Putnam, Q.C., Andrew J. LawsonSamantha C. Olson and Maxwell Putnam handle matters pertaining to real estate law.

Wills & Estates

For experienced and confidential will and estate preparation, you can trust the team from Putnam & Lawson. We can prepare your will, power of attorney, and personal directives. We also guide clients through probate of estates and administration of estates without a will.
Will and estate matters are managed by Gordon D. Putnam, Q.C., Andrew J. Lawson and Samantha C. Olson.

Family Law & Mediation

Family law matters can be handled professionally and practically by choosing Putnam & Lawson. Our team specializes in overseeing cases related to divorce and separation agreements, property division, custody and access agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, child support arrangements as well as adoption services. Our team includes a registered family law practitioner.
Family law and mediation matters are administered by Andrew J. Lawson and Samantha C. Olson.

Corporate Law

Whether you are incorporating a business or involved in a commercial sale or acquisition, Putnam & Lawson can assist you. We have years of experience in preparation of agreements, joint ventures and annual returns.
Corporate matters are directed by Gordon D. Putnam, Q.C. and Maxwell Putnam.

Personal Accident Injury Law

For experienced, results-oriented personal injury representation, you can trust Putnam & Lawson. For years, we have helped protect the rights of individuals and families involved in fatalities, motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and other injury claims.
Andrew J. Lawson and Samantha C. Olson represent our personal injury clients.


Putnam & Lawson can provide thorough legal representation for a wide variety of civil disputes. Our team helps clients navigate the civil judicial system to achieve fair and efficient resolution.
Our litigation matters are administered by Andrew J. LawsonSamantha C. Olson and Maxwell Putnam.

Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths Services

We are pleased to offer affordable notary public services. These services include executing travel authorizations, certifying true copies of documents, executing guarantees, executing out-of-province real estate documents, and executing other documents requiring a notary seal. Please contact our office to arrange an appointment with one of our four lawyers.
As a courtesy to our community, Putnam & Lawson provides basic Commissioner for Oaths services free of charge. More complex documents requiring a Commissioner for Oaths may require review and a nominal fee.